Me-Made-May Day 19 - Buttonhole Rage


This is usually what I feel like doing after having to use the button hole attachment. Somehow I don't think that will improve things.
MMMay Day 19
Today's Me-Made is my third Archer completed at the beginning of the month. Oh Archer, you are the perfect shirt.  This one is silk/cotton in a deconstructed paisley print or as my husband calls it "moldy wallpaper print."
And because my son was being naughty on the other side of the window there is also this pic. 
Archer Number 3 - Oops


  1. "Moldy wallpaper", nice. No points for you!

    Love the shirt. My automatic buttonholer makes me feel the same way... The vintage one is nice though. It actually, you know, makes buttonholes.

    1. Thanks Katie, you're making me think I should buy a vintage singer buttonhole attachment.

  2. Hehe, love your daily photos. Family comes up with such interesting terms for our clothing...

    1. Thank you! Yes, family does have to rain on your fabric parade from time to time.


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