Sew Bossy and Me-Made-May Day 5


Sew Bossy - a phenomenon I was not aware of until Gillian tweeted me and Leila and proposed a 3 way swap (Three way huh huh huh...sorry)  I admit to having some "performance anxiety" but Gillian and Leila are some of my best buds and they wouldn't tell me my swap box sucked.  So through the time tested game of "pick a number" it was decided that Leila would buy for Gillian, Gillian would buy for me and I would buy for Leila.

Well Gillian's box arrived and it was stuffed to the rafters! 
First up some cobalt jersey with choice of contrasts black cotton lace or blue chiffon.
 But wait there's more....dusky green jersey with a nice coordinating stripe.
And because she's just that awesome there was also a Hawkeye TPB and a super cute froggie tape measure. My son thinks the tape measure his present. 
Gillian and I have a joke that I own all that patterns....well maybe it's not really a joke cause I bought the one she picked for me while she was making up the box.  (Bad swap partner, no cookie!)  Yes.... it's the In House Kimono Tee.  LOL silly Heather buying all the patterns.  But hey, she totally got my style so more internet points for Gillian. I still want to make up this pattern, just need to trace up a smaller size and have another go. 

But Gillian also gave me permission to make what ever I wanted with what she sent me.  ZOMG total freedom!  I think she's just taking it easy on me after my sewing dare.  Muhaaa haaa all the patterns, all the patterns.

Wrapping thing up...for Me-Made-May Day 5 I decided to do a bit of light yard work with my son.
MMMay Day 5
Next time I'll get him to the the heavy pushing.


  1. It sounds like I suggested the 3 way. hehe. snort. Gillian's options for you are so great!

    1. Let's just admit we all wanted the 3 way. LOL. I have too many ideas for the knits Gillian sent, having trouble picking just one.


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