Me-Made-May Day 18 - YeeeeeeeHaaaaaa


MMMay Day 18  
It's probably a good thing that we have major tree cover between the deck and dog walkers.  "I'm just taking pictures of me and my pony. What, is that strange?" 
Anyway today the ubiquitous Simp 2246 based shirt block rides again in some ikat cotton I wish I had a giant bolt of.  You ever have that happen?  Of course you have, so tell me what it was cause inquiring minds want to know. ;)
P.S. The boy was like, "Hey mom, these are MY toys."
Howdy Partner, how bout we rustle up those cows now?


  1. I haven't been able to alway comment but I've enjoyed your me-made posts... they always make me giggle. And you've looked like a very stylish mama... good job!

    1. Thank you! I usually have more yoga pant and T-shirt days but Me-Made-May has made me raise the bar.


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