Me-Made-May Day 23 - Monster!


Monster on my shoulder makes me nerrrrrrvous.
Monster in my eye makes me cryyyyyyy.
Monster in my shirt is so cheeky.
Monsters almost always get me high?  No, maybe confused.
My apologies to John Denver and to orange monsters.  Today wearing another Hotpattern's sunshine top, I literally have at least a dozen of these.  This is one of my first from 2009 and features the longer sleeve included in the pattern.  The fabric was one of those lucky scores off of ebay where the print was great but the fabric also turned out to be soft and cozy. Gray + Bird = Happy Heather.


  1. Love this top! I'm pretty sure I commented the same the last time you wore a version of it. Now if only I could convince my husband to work two jobs so I could stay home and sew everything on my list, I might actually make one of these! Your little orange friend is too cute :).

    1. Thank you. It is a great top pattern and I love it too since there are so many of them in my wardrobe.
      Come on hubby, go work that other job! It would be nice to have as much sewing time as you could want. My little man seems to think I should pay attention to him sometimes. :)


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