Me-Made-May Day 6 - Dinosaur!


There seems to be a pesky infestation in my back yard. At first I was happy cause they took care of the squirrels, but then they developed a taste for human flesh. Now the damn things are trying to take a bite out of me when ever I take out the trash. Maybe I shouldn't tempt them with bare ankles.
Ahhh the tiny T-Rex is right behind me.....wait if I stand still he can't see me right?  Steven Spielberg wouldn't lie to me.
Oooooouch that smarts!

Ok me-made deets.... Snow Leopard Sewaholic Renfrew that I LOVE and will cry big salty tears when it meets is eventual death.  Red Colette clovers which I also love but need to be taken in and I'd rather stick a pen in my eye then do that. Most likely new red fabric will be bought some time to replace them.  For now I'll just be hiking them up intermittently.

Oh drat, I left the door open....
I iz in ur sewing space, scaring ur machine. Rwwwarrrr!


  1. Maybe you could feed the dino your scraps and bits of thread!


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